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A Rocking Christmas

Sunday 12th December 2021

Auditions: Saturday 30th October
Ages 8-11: 1.00pm – 2:30 pm
Ages 12-18: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Auditions are open to all children aged from 8-18 years.

A Rocking Christmas!

The Christmas Talent Show is nigh. JJ, Max, Tia, and Tama have been rehearsing, ready for their big performance. But their plans are derailed by an unfortunate accident, a broken guitar and Santa has amnesia! How will they get Santa to remember who he is and that he has a very important job to do on December 24th? More importantly, will they have a chance to rehearse for the Christmas Talent Show?

We are seeking a cast of 20 youths who will sing, dance and act, including:


JJ: (any gender aged 12+) A passionate guitarist*. Loves music, loves Christmas and is confident, optimistic and likable. A very competent singer and actor.


MAX: (any gender aged 10+) JJs younger brother/ sister. A reluctant member of the band. A confident singer, actor.


TIA: (female aged 12+) Very practical. The boss of the group. Keeps everyone in line.

A confident singer, actor.


TAMA:  (male aged 12+) A keen (but not necessarily good) drummer*. Kind and funny. JJs best friend.

A confident singer, actor.


ELF: (any gender aged 14+) Very passionate about Christmas and loyal to Santa. Very anxious to find Santa. Leads the children through the story.

A confident singer, actor.


ENSEMBLE: 15 confident singer/ actor/ dancers.

*These roles do not require the actor to actually be able to play their instruments.

Auditionees must be confident to sing solo in the audition and act from the audition script provided.



Sorry, no. We have a strict age policy as the rigours of rehearsals and shows are too much for children any younger than eight years of age.

We rehearse intensely for five weeks starting Saturday 13th November.

No, please do not audition unless your child is fully available for ALL rehearsals scheduled. Because we have such a short overall rehearsal period we do not have time to catch people up if they are absent.

Our cast comprises roles mostly for children. If and when we need adult cast members we will call for them in audition notices.

Yes! Although we love having “triple threats” in the cast, we know that not everyone has strengths in all three areas. We are looking for cast members with confidence to perform and shine on stage, so come and give it a go.

No, we will not be holding dance auditions this year.

Please prepare to sing a song of your own choice (chorus only)  that you enjoy singing a-cappella (without accompaniment).
If you are going for a speaking role you will also need to read from the audition script you’ll be sent when you sign up for an audition.
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You will receive a confirmation email outlining what to prepare for the auditions.